100000 miles serviceThere are quite a few items you need to check when it’s time for the 100000 miles service of your vehicle.  Do you plan to keep your vehicle after 100k miles?  If so, you are going to be better off if you spend the money to get the scheduled maintenance done rather than waiting for your car to have issues that could have been avoided with proper maintenance.   If you make regular tune ups, it will be better for the life of your vehicle and it will make the 100000 mile maintenance a little easier.  The rate of regular tune ups is going to be different depending on your vehicle.  Pay close attention to your vehicle’s owner’s manual and follow its instructions on when to get tune ups.

No matter if you are looking for Toyota 100000 miles service, Honda 100000 miles service, or Chevy 100000 miles service which are some of the more popular vehicles receiving this maintenance, below are some of the most common items to replace or service at 100k miles.  Remember, some vehicles could require different maintenance during a 100k miles service.  You should follow the instructions specific to your vehicle.

  • automobile maintenance planFluids
    • Oil
    • Coolant
    • Transmission
    • Brake
    • Power steering
  • Tires
  • Brakes
  • Belts
    • Timing belt
      • This is a very important belt and should be changed at manufacture’s suggestion
    • Serpentine or
      • Air conditioning  compressor
      • Power steering pump
      • Cooling fan
      • Air injection pump
  • Water pump
  • Filters
    • Oil
    • Fuel
    • Air
    • Cabin
    • Transmission (older vehicles)
  • Radiator flushing
  • Transmission flushing

fast auto repair serviceGet your 100000 miles service done on your vehicle by an auto repair shop you can trust.  Come by Riverview Tire and Auto Center or call 919-620-7523 and keep your vehicle running for years to come.  We can usually do a 100000 miles service in a half day.  You can also schedule an appointment here.