durham auto repair shopLooking for a Durham auto repair shop you can trust?  Riverview Tire and Auto Center has been serving Durham County and Bahama, NC since 1999.  Our customer reviews says it all.  When you are looking for an auto mechanic, there are a few services you want to make sure your mechanic can handle.  Riverview Tire and Auto Center employs professional mechanics who specialize in all the auto services listed below and more.  WyoTech says these are the 10 most common auto repairs:

So, when you are searching auto repair shops in Durham NC, check out Riverview Tire and Auto Center and you can be confident you are getting the best service possible no matter what your auto service needs are or what kind of vehicle you drive.

Ask your mechanic if they use original equipment replacement parts.  This is very important because these parts are made especially to fit the needs of your vehicle.  Other parts may be cheaper, but offer less reliability and may cause other problems.  Remember, your car or truck is carrying precious cargo.

It is very important to adhere to your owner’s manual maintenance schedule to prevent or lessen repair needs and occurrences.  The more trips to your auto mechanic , the more costly your vehicle repairs will be.  Even if you get regular tune ups and maintenance, sometimes your vehicle may have issues.  Often, you will not know what’s wrong, but sometimes you  just know that something is wrong.  Your vehicle may sound different, the ride may suddenly be rough, or it may just stop running.  This is when you will actually need auto diagnostic and repair.  Riverview Tire and Auto Center has experienced professionals and the latest technology to diagnose any problem your vehicle may have.  When you think you may need car repair or truck repair, you know who to call.

How Often Do You Need a Durham Auto Repair Shop?

Some vehicles have problems more than others.  So, which vehicles are brought in for auto repair and service the least?  Consumer Reports conducts an annual reliability survey.  Check out the results from there 2016 report.  These are ranked by category and reliability.  This list represents the best in each category, the most reliable.

Subcompact Cars Toyota Prius C
Compact Cars Toyota Prius
Midsize Cars Kia Optima
Large Cars Hyundai Azera
Luxury Compact Cars Lexus CT 200h
Luxury Midsized/Large Cars Infiniti Q70
Sports Cars Lexus RC
Minivans Toyota Sienna
Small SUVs Toyota RAV4
Midsized SUVs Toyota 4Runner
Large SUVs Ford Expedition
Luxury Compact SUVs Mercedes-Benz GLC
Luxury Midsized/Large SUVs Lexus GX
Pickup Trucks Toyota Tundra

durham auto repair prius


The above choices may help cut down on the number of times you have to visit your favorite auto repair shop.  There were, of course, other vehicles ranked well, but these were the best.

For Consumer Report’s list of vehicles which ranked the worst in reliability, please see the list below.  You may want to make sure you are being extra diligent in checking out these vehicles before purchasing.


Subcompact Cars Ford Fiesta
Compact Cars Ford Focus
Midsize Cars Chrysler 200
Large Cars Dodge Charger
Luxury Compact Cars Acura TLX
Luxury Midsized/Large Cars Mercedes-Benz S-Class
Sports Cars Ford Mustang
Minivans Dodge Grand Caravan
Small SUVs Jeep Cherokee
Midsized SUVs Jeep Grand Cherokee
Large SUVs Chevrolet Suburban/GMC Yukon XL
Luxury Compact SUVs Lincoln MKC
Luxury Midsized/Large SUVs Cadillac Escalade
Pickup Trucks Ram 2500

The bottom line is you should take your vehicles in for regular maintenance and tune ups to an auto mechanic you trust.  Eventually, you will need a Durham auto repair or car repair shop and the one you can trust to give you the best service is Riverview Tire and Auto Center.