auto tire service rotateAre you considering auto tire service?  Your tires are carrying much of what is most important in your life.  At Riverview Tire and Auto Center LLC, we realize how much dependability, quality, and safety matters when it comes to your tires.  You should always purchase quality tires that meet the parameters for your vehicle.  They can be discount tires, but they need to be the correct tires for your auto. Even after you have purchased the right tires from your favorite tire shop, tire maintenance is extremely important for performance safety and the life of your tires.  Here are just a few things to remember:

  • Always check alignment after purchasing new tires
  • Keep tires rotated usually between 6000 and 12000 miles depending on vehicle and tires
  • Maintain proper inflation of tires
  • Be sure to inspect tires for tread depth at every regular inspection ( 2/32 will fail inspection so replace at 3/32 tread depth)

Improper alignment and bad suspension are very common problems affecting your tires.  Riverview Tire and Auto Center will check your vehicle alignment for free.  If you do need an alignment, we can usually get it done for you in about 30 minutes.

auto tire service installIf you are experiencing your steering pulling off center, you may have an alignment issue.  At this point you should bring your vehicle in for a free alignment inspection.  Also, if you notice abnormal wear on your tires, you may have an alignment problem.  Again, come see Riverview Tire and Auto Center and we’ll get you safely back on the road.

If you don’t take care of issues with alignment, suspension, or other problems affecting your tires, you may:

  1. Shorten the life of your tires which can be costly
  2. Lower the performance of your tires
  3. Create a safety hazard

We can help you with any kind of auto tire service.  Riverview Tire and Auto Center has specialists who are tire experts.  Let us help you protect what is so important, you and your family.  Call us at 919-620-7523 today.